Pelly – Smart storage solutions for every room.

Every day, Pelly® facilitates the work of architects, buyers, and real estate companies by optimizing storage in every room. We generate more space for the first baby food, student literature, more kitchen knives, the new jacket, second-hand finds, drawings, spice jars, record collections, and outgrown bicycle helmets. Pelly® redefines space.

Storage with thought

Discover Pelly’s storage systems for different rooms. A modular system of shelves, baskets, wall-mounted storage, and sliding doors that meet all needs. The storage system that makes square meters feel like cubic meters.temet som får kvadratmeter att kännas som kubikmeter.

Create freely

Completely custom made. The Pelly® Solid sliding door is designed to ensure durability and stability. With a sturdy wooden frame and a surface of melamine, wood veneer, or lacquered finish in any NCS color, Solid is the product of possibilities.

With modular shelf systems, sliding doors, and built in products, Pelly® creates smart storage solutions for every room. In the range, you will find built in products for organizing the kitchen, bathroom, and closet. Sleek sliding doors, and storage systems for all spaces. And much more. Optimize the space in every room with Pelly®.